Landmark Forum Syllabus: Evening Session

I. New Possibilities, Breakthrough Results, and a Quick Review
In this last three-hour session, participants share with each other, and with the guests they’ve invited to join them, the new possibilities they’ve created for themselves. Key discussions and critical insights are revisited, deepening our understanding of the distinctions of The Landmark Forum and their relevance in our lives.

Guests get an experience of what The Landmark Forum is and its benefits, and they have a unique opportunity to see how it works by directly participating in a portion of the technology.

II. Transformation as a Way of Living
In The Landmark Forum, the notion of possibility moves from an abstract ideal to a day-to-day living reality. Life becomes framed in a new way. The way we approach the world, and the way the world approaches us, changes.

The Landmark Forum leaves you with an ability to relate to life with new freedom and power. The abilities you learn never leave you, and are yours forever. The Landmark Forum is not a one-time event. It is a moment-by-moment approach to being alive.

III. Dealing Powerfully with Breakdowns
Here, we explore a technology for handling breakdowns effectively. By breakdowns, we mean something that we say shouldn’t be or something that stops us from achieving what we want to achieve. Instead of seeing breakdowns in that familiar way, we begin to view breakdowns as a pathway – an actual access – to fulfilling what’s possible.

As a result, we are left with the confidence to step beyond our comfort zone, and to welcome breakdowns as an occasion for leadership and accomplishment.

Video Introduction to
The Landmark Forum
with Dr. Nancy Zapolski.